Anticapitalist Points of Unity

Anticapitalist Points of Unity

A seed of how to live on the land

Memetic antibody to the virus

Drafted in Isolation; intended for further development and mutual affirmation by a voluntarily associated body for the syndication of ecological anticapitalist dual-power discipline & culture

  1. Nature is Precious

  2. Condensation is Growth

  3. Discipline and Culture will solve our problems

  4. All of Nature needs us to act

  5. We can manage our worlds

  6. Direct Action to uphold these Points

Nature is Precious

The sweet earth we have inherited is not unlimited or at our disposal. Urban sprawl is the contraction of the mother earth. We are pollinators, seed-spreaders, gardeners, adoptive parents, animal whisperers. Our bond to the earth and her rhythms is sacred to us.

Condensation is Growth

Strength, connection, history, and range of motion are powerful forces. We grow inwards and upwards, not numbers. The growth of the matrix is the recession of reality, our principle basis of survival - liberation from need - and shared culture - the freedom to belong. Belonging is being rooted and sure-footed; nested and in flight. Capitalits - rentiers with privately accountable enforcement - do not belong here.

Discipline and Culture will solve our problems

Discipline is the science of culture. Our actions produce our environment. Reuniting with our nature; exiling alienating objects, habits, and structures; laboring as unalienated producers and consumers; being in nature -- this is one mode of anticapitalists, to create an indigenious insurgent mode in & against the shell of capitalism we have inherited. The second mode is analyze patterns of extraction and exploitation, with the tools of capitalism and in its currents, to apply revolutionary pressure.

All of Nature needs us to act

We have the foresight and abilities to nurture the earth and see her flourish. Our ability to create is stronger than our ability to destroy, as we have created all our means of destruction, yet still can create more. Therefore, anticapitalists do not bemoan the destruction of the natural world, they accept the mantle of restoring her.

We can manage our worlds

Globalization is exploitation and the competition of labor against labor; labor must be united locally in recovering their labor and attention as truly passionate. Everyday changes - incremental updates - towards ecological restoration, ecological culture, and ecological discipline must be adopted.

Direct Action

Capitalism extracts from us, humans directly, in two ways: surplus labor value and attention. The Situationists first formented the danger of abdicating attention to capital; situationism, their solution, attempted to create a grassroots counter-spectacle. This effort must be revisited and redoubled, focusing on not only community and mindfulness, but productivity, as well.

The discipline required to create the culture of creative survival is: that all advanced sections of the proletariat, especially those of industrialized nations that have been afforded leisure time by the struggle of organized labor, redirect their leisure towards creating a spectacle that is ecological, productive, and ultimately outstrips capitalism. Understanding capital's wealth as extractive and fleeting, but the wealth of ecology as condensed and living, is key to realizing an effective ecological spectacle that can outgrow the decaying shell of capitalism.

Specifically, the new Situationists should dedicate some set portion of their time to living 'off-grid'. The most extreme practioners could resemble the YouTube channel "Primitive Technology", but our points of unity do not demand such extreme means. The ends justify the means, and our ends are growing the earth's life force instead of capital's life force. Therefore, using advanced technology in pursuit of ecological growth is even encouraged; as a safe framework for green socialists navigating a rapidly changing world, we judge by intent and spirit, not letter and law.