Hydro Planter

Hydro Planter

Hydro planter tutorials abound on the internet, but this is just my first step towards making a full hydroponics garden. As a minimum viable project, 2L Hydro Planters are great for inspiring and motivating a budding gardener.

  1. Get a two-liter soda bottle.
    Clean the bottle by rinsing, removing the label, and scraping off glue from label.
    Ink a line around the bottle wall – in the bottom ring, on certain shapes of bottle.
    Measure halfway up on other shapes.

  2. Cut through the wall with an x-acto knife.
    Continue cutting with scissors, as they damage the bottle less.
    Finish cutting where you started.
    Flip the the top half and fit into the bottom half to preview fit.

  3. Cut a one foot by six inch piece of organic cloth.
    Cut tassels into the short edges, four inches deep.
    Roll up the cloth, hotdog-style.
    Tie a knot in the cloth.
    Double knot the cloth.

  4. Twist up the unknotted end of the wick.
    Thread the wick through the mouth of the bottle.
    Spread the tassels out equally around the neck of the bottle.

  5. Flip the top half over and fit it into the bottom. Make sure none of the tassels are caught between the walls, and that the fit is snug. Some deformation on the internal (top) half is normal. Congratulations!
    You're ready to plant!~